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Quick and convenient utility to find files on your computer. Instantly find files by name or make advanced searches
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17 May 2015

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Tracing files and folders is easy when you are well aware of their location. But if your computer system has got a large collection of files all clubbed into a massive heap then it will be a herculean task to pin point their location. Further in case you need such document at the earliest then may God save you as you are in for a fix. Therefore there must be a solution that can enable you to grasp on the issue in an instant and make it as easy as a pie in locating the extract file or folder. This certain application is known by the name - FileSearchy 0.9 Beta. Though in Beta version, this application can help you to quickly and effectively find the required item which is placed in a remote corner of your system easily.

Blessed with very powerful search engine the application can be of massive help in quickly grabbing the required file in your PC. Its Interface is one of the simplest and most user-friendly that you can ever dream of plus FileSearchy 0.9 Beta is capable of making it really brilliant in the search by any filtering method. You just have to give the required details such as date, size and the name of the file and the tool will do the job for you by finding it. One of the most prolific things about this application is that, FileSearchy 0.9 Beta is also capable of searching any relevant content that is placed in the lines or paragraphs of all the Word or PDF documents. Once it discovers the contents, the tool highlights them.

Going by the quality of results that FileSearchy 0.9 Beta is capable of delivering, we would not shy away from rating it with a score of three stars out of five stars. Moreover it performs the searches in remarkably quick time.

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Quick and convenient utility to find files on your computer. Instantly find files by name or make advanced searches in file contents, date and size. Supports search inside many popular file formats. Highlights found text in file names and contents. Simple multi-tabbed interface.
Version 1.4
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